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Vocal Tags

Get The Best High Quality Vocal Tags / Scripts At The Best Prices.



How To Order Vocal Tags

- Browse All The Different Vocal Actors Below By Clicking The View Demo Button By Each Name.

- Once You Know Which Voice You Would Like Move On To The Next Step.

- Now You Need To Use The PayPal Buy Now Button Below To Order.

- Select From The Drop Down Menu Which Option You Would Like.

- Below That Select From The Drop Down Menu Which Vocal Actor You Want To Use. 

- In The "What You Want Said" Text Box Enter In What You Want The Actor To Say.

- If What You Enter Is To Long Or You Have More Than 1 Line That Will Not Fit Please Email Us After Payment With Instructions. 

- Tags Will Come With A Version With Effects & Also A Dry / Clean Version. 

- Do Not Include Profanity In Kid / Child Voice Actor Orders. 

- Please Allow Up To 72Hours For Your Tags To Be Sent To Your Email. 

- Also If Your Name Is Pronounced Differently Than Spelled Please Email Us & Let Us Know. 

- If The Tag You Want Made Is More Than 10 Words It Is A Vocal Script & Must Be Ordered As One Using That Option. 

- The Limit For A Scripted Vocal Order Is 30 words. For Orders Over 30 Words Please Email Us For An Inquiry. 

- You Can Only Use 1 Voice Per Order.


Vocal Actors To Choose From

- DJ Knock - 

- Kriss Liss - 

- Exotic British Girl (Baybee T) - 

- Chelsea Davis - 

- SuperStar O - 


Payment Option

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