STAR WARS [Sylenth PresetBank]
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STAR WARS [Sylenth PresetBank]

The Force Is Strong With This One!! That's Rite Fellow HitMakers...We Have Done It. Okay So I Know Many Of You Are Probobly Huge Star Wars Fans As We Are & Many Other Are Rite? (If Not Check Your Pulse). So We Have Been Working On A Spacey Sounding, Crazy Synth Bank Of Sounds & To Give It The Star Wars Name Was Just Rite To Do.


In This Bank You Will Find 64 SICK SYNTH Presets With A Crazy Dope Different Sound To Them. Many Named After Star Wars Places & Characters To Keep The Inspiration From Star Wars In It. This Is Of Course In No Way Affiliated With The Brand But Just Inspired By It With Some Crazy Cool Sounds For You To Go HAM With (If Your Willing To Join The DarkSide). 


- Check The VIDEO DEMO Below & Hear For Yourself You REBEL SCUM!! - 

(The Sylenth1 VST Is Needed To Use This PresetBank. Version 2.2.1 or Higher)

-Instant Download After Purchase- 

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